Does the American Dream Exist Anymore?

american-dreamsThe economy has faltered throughout many years, and is only getting worse as many live on the streets, and others work in offices and live in three story homes with fancy cars and disposable income.

To make worse, multi-level marketing firms are sprouting up left and right.

While more than half of these people are immigrants and struggle to live the infamous “American Dream”. Question is, is it a Myth?

Even the New York Times begs to wonder about the elusive American Dream.

High class, middle class, low class, or too low to have a class at all?

Most of the population is middle class anyway. So why put a label on it? Whether you are the richest man or woman in the world, you will have a down fall at some point in time and then will you be? Another myth mentioned is “everyone has an equal chance to succeed”. Which if you look at it, isn’t a myth at all. In fact, there is a lot of truth to it. That is, if people were to actually others a chance to become successful human beings. And what keeps people from doing that?

Close mindedness.

When is the last time you came across a man with four mouths to feed, without any work experience, ending up with “The American dream” and receiving everything to his desires? It just does not happen. The equal chance to succeed isn’t a myth; it’s just covered by all the ignorant people who hold a very high tolerance to ignorance. In other words, it’s a lie.

Immigrants all over the world carry the burden of struggling to come to America, and once they get here they carry an even bigger burden of finding a job and a stable living situation to reside in. How do we resolve this issue? Give them a job, help them be successful. American created the illusion of “The American Dream” so why not make it happen?

The world has changed throughout the years, it has turned into agreed spectrum, meaning those who are very wealthy let it get to their head so much eventually they become bankrupt or leave their employees bankrupts, laid off, without pay etc. Take Scott Nicholson for example, He hasn’t been able to find a job since 2008, and in the time of looking for a job, only one job has surfaced and in the end showing no results of success. Instead of waiting at home for a job to find him (after the many years of him searching) Scott decides to stick it out with a corporate position. Where he would then shed some light on his college training and plunge him to the bottom of the career ladder. “I don’t think I fully understood the severity of the situation he had graduated into.” But aside from the struggle, Scott believed his job hunt would “eventually pay off.”

How sad is it that this man hasn’t been able to find a job since 2008? And how wrong is it that no one has even tried to oblige in helping him with this struggle with his job hunt? Apparently not sad enough.

Those who aren’t making an effort to find the dream, the job. Or the help; are the ones who make it more than understandable to be under a hard struggle to society. But those who actually try and make endless effort are not the ones to be suffering.

In the present day of 2013, we now have websites that help those who are unemployed and in the need of desperate help. Those being Craigslist, Snag a, etc. As well as temp agencies which hire upon experience, professionalism, etc. this is, in my opinion, politically correct. But is it morally correct to leave those who have no experience jobless because it doesn’t benefit the company? People don’t realize that without remorse and taking a chance, these people will never get the experience they need and probably will never even be able to use “American Dream” in one simple sentence.

According to MLM Companies: “approximately 388,761 Americans or approximately eight tenths of one percent of the adult population earn more than one million dollars annually.”

There are nearly 400 billionaires in the United States alone. No wonder no one can get a job. Nutrition supplements and insurance costs are crazy high. This goes back to the argument of GREED.

Another reason why the American dream is found to be a myth is because the money that could be very beneficial to everyone, doesn’t exist to the public and politics plays a very large role in the “ American Dream “ being made no longer achievable. That, and sports events. Instead of the troops being brought home not only by the president but by us, everyone is enjoying refreshments and a nice touch down by Peyton Manning.

In conclusion I must say, America used to be the number one place to be and where the people wanted to be. You received close to everything and there was such thing as equality and such thing as “The American Dream”. The reality of the matter is, that is no longer true. The attitude of today’s society is “if you want it, you need to try harder .Only then will you succeed.” That has been made damn near impossible because of the actions taken in not only today’s economy, but today’s people.

“The American Dream” hasn’t only been made out as a myth throughout the years, it’s been made out as a fairy tale.

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